How to produce pop music with pro logic

However, the following thought of a person who has not yet decided what method to choose, could be: “Well, the cost of a small home studio is pretty big … I better get a computer and a MIDI flip Pop Instrumental and how many programs are on the net, I can do it! “.
Obviously this can be the case. Many music producers work mostly virtual. With the only difference that they have bought licenses that cost hundreds of euros, each one …

 You can work at home with pirated programs for a lifetime. There are even studios in Romania that do not have licenses for all programs.

I’ve been working for virtually years. I also tried piracy where there were no demo versions.
But the thought of making music still with a computer and a MIDI flap did not delight me at all, never.
But it also means savor! The willingness to caress the keys of each synthesizer who has his own personality. Both construction and timbre, of synthesis. Some synthesizers pop beats are malleable and obedient others are nasty and difficult to turn. But they make you feel alive to ElectroPop Beat For Sale.

Virtual relieves you of the above issues. But it deprives you of the pleasure of feeling that your artistic life is on another level. Anyone can download a music program, take a second-hand MIDI flap and an average computer, and be able to develop their musical ideas. The internet is full of such examples. Sometimes he can cut off his impulse and stop dreams.